Questions to Ask When Hiring for Finance

financeThe finance team is perhaps one of the most crucial departments in any organization. Administrative and backend it may be, it serves as the means by which entities assess the use of resources and measure success. This is why there is added pressure when it comes to hiring for positions that fall under its category. Today and in true meaning of corporate strategy recruitment, we’re giving you a standard list of questions to ask and why you should throw them to candidates.

·      What makes you want to be part of our team?

This is the perfect time to know how well the candidate has researched and gotten to know the organization. It shall also help you assess whether they fit into its culture or not. As much as you want someone who can offer a new perspective and inject unique ideas into the company, you will also need someone who feels right like a missing puzzle piece.

·      How do you feel about schedules and deadlines?
This is a question that allows you to take a look at the candidate’s ability to showcase their work ethics and time management skills. Be keen in noticing their mention of actual events in contrast to generalized ideas and typical responses. The profession comes with the need to deal with so many schedules and deadlines and you want to know how well they can prioritize and deal with tasks as they come.

·      How do you manage to keep abreast?

Let’s face it. Finance is a very complex matter. It’s beyond mere accounting. To be fully effective at the job, one has to always be in tune with the various changes in laws, legislations, standards and best practices of the profession. Professionals achieve this through different means such as attending seminars and trainings, membership to professional organizations, research and reading of industry publications and participation in conferences among others.

·      What was your worst day at work like?
There is no such thing as perfect people and you’d be crazy if you thought otherwise. However, you’d want people in your team who has the ability to come up with solutions to problems and the efficiency to deal with adverse mishaps no matter how horrid they turn out. Make them talk about an experience or even their perception of a bad day at the office. This gives you an insight regarding their thought process, problem solving skills, patience, perseverance, analytical prowess and creativity.

And before we wrap up this article, we’re living you with this last tip. Make sure that your corporate strategy recruitment standards apply throughout the interview.

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